2016 and forward

Photo & © Thore Rodelius

Photo & © Thore Rodelius

In March 2016 Helen along with Magnus Carlsson and the Radio Symphony Orchestra, did three concerts in the series “Swedish Stars” at Berwaldhallen in Stockholm.

In the summer of 2016 Helen toured with BAO, to eight locations around the country. In the autumn, she played in the Woody Allen musical “Bullets Over Broadway” at Göta Lejon in Stockholm together with, among others, Johan Rheborg, Johan Rabaeus, Linus Wahlgren and Andreas Nilsson. The show was played until April 8, 2017, and Linus Wahlgren was replaced, after the end of the year, by Rennie Mirro.

During the summer and autumn of 2017, Helen did a number of concert performances; she participated in “I Love Musicals Allstars” at Ullevi in ​​Gothenburg together with Peter Jöback and Tommy Körberg, she gave three concerts in Dalhalla and participated in “Allsång på Skansen” together with Malena Ernman, she went for the mini tour “A late summer evening” together with Tomas Andersson Wij and she participated in “Trees and Love” at Göta Lejon in Stockholm in favor of The Vi-forest. The year ended with five concerts called “Vinterklang” at Wasa Theater in Finland as well as participation as a secret guest in “Caprice – OD with guests” in Uppsala together with Andreas Nilsson.

On June 2, the single “Sankta Klara klocka” was released, with Helen and Malena Ernman, and on September 1, the film “Becker – The king of Tingsryd” premiered, with Helen in the role of municipal council.