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Photo och © Petra Hellberg

In the autumn of 2005 Helen starred in The Threepenny Opera by Bertold Brecht with the musical score by Kurt Weill. She played Polly Peachum when the play opened on september 10. Mackie the Knife was played by Philip Zandén, The Beggar King Peachum was played by Dan Ekborg and Pia Johansson starred as Mrs Peachum. The production was directed by Lars Rudolfsson.

What the critics said:

“What a strong vocal power and what a strong presence – with her singing she smooths of the sharp edges of the music and replaces it with the concentration of a welding flame. The production at Stockholms Stadsteater is carried by the music and the songs. The interpretation is intensified, burning hot through the power that Helen, Nunes and the company provides”
Lars Ring, SvD

“Helens rendition of Polly Peachum gives a petty, innocent impression but also inhabits temper. As expected she sings wonderfully with superb articulation.”
Östgöta Correspondenten

“Talented acting with a certain variety style with several talented singers led by the voice of Helen Sjöholm which is extensive, clear and right on cue. Her rendition of Pirate Jenny says everything that needs to be said about the dream of final justice. Touchingly naive and childishly merciless. Rudolfsson does not hold back on the darkness but there is also room for laughter, dreams and the moonlight shining on all who love.”
Margareta Sörenson, Expressen

On october 21 2010 Stockholm City Theater celebrated 50 years with the premiere of the production Aniara, based on the futuristic novel written by Harry Martinsson. This production, also directed by Lars Rudolfsson, starred Helen as the blind poetess against Ingvar Hirdwall as Chifone, Dan Ekborg as the comedian Sandon and Claire Wikholm as Miman among others. The brand new music for the show was written by Andreas Kleerup. Helen received glowing reviews once again.

“Helen Sjöholm as the poetess makes the deepest impression in the songs of the second act, interpreted with force and wrath.”
Gun Zanton-Ericsson, Östgöta Correspondenten

“Another high point is the blind poetess in Helen Sjöholms rendition, whose wuthering singing leave you wanting more.”
Lena S Karlsson, Dala-Demokraten

“And there she is, finally, in the second act with a few unforgettable solos; the blind luminous poetess, Helen Sjöholm. With her melancholic, clear soprano she carries us into the great seriousness and infinity.”
Marita Jonsson, Gotlands Tidningar

“The brightest light is Helen Sjöholm as the singing poetess. Few can, like her, sing with such natural strength and authority and at the same time be completely open and vulnerable. She manages, through her singing, interpret, and enhance the glowing darkness in Martinson.”
Jon Sjögren, Uppsala Nya Tidning

“Helen Sjöholm gives a magnificent contribution. Her clear voice together with the dense, dark and beautiful lyrics is a captivating combination. The trio of Kleerup, Martinson and Sjöholm is the high point of the evening.”
Tita Nordlund-Hessler, Eskilstuna Kuriren

Photo och © Petra Hellberg

Photo och © Petra Hellberg