Artists for the Environment


With a growing world population and an over exploitation of the earth’s resources, it is urgent to shift to a sustainable society. People need to get involved on several different levels to meet the challenges that climate change, environmental pollution and increased social inequality mean.

It was the recognition of this problem that resulted in that Artists for the Environment was established as a network of over 80 artists from the movies, media and theater industry in October 1990, and was converted into an association in the spring of 2011.

Artists for the Environment gather, educate and mediate dedicated and conscious musicians, actors, artists and cultural workers who want to contribute to a sustainable world. We spread knowledge and environment inspiration by theatrical expressions on a scientific basis.

Artists for the Environment operates and collaborates on various environmental projects, including the Electric motorcycle tour, Aqua Alta and the musical ‘Torsten’s trip’.

Environmental Mentors are environmentally interested artists who give their blessing to the efforts of new generations and their support to Artists for the Environment.


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