A late summer evening

At the end of August 2017, Helen Sjöholm & Tomas Andersson Wij shared the stage during four exclusive late summer evenings in Uppsala, Stockholm, Helsingborg and Kalmar. The two artists mixed their repertoire, sang each other’s songs, did duets and gave lots of room for talks. 

In 2016 SVT (Swedish television) broadcasted two acclaimed seasons of the program Tomas Andersson Wij plays with, where TAW sang and conversed with famous artist colleagues such as Peter LeMarc and Veronica Maggio. One of the artists Tomas wanted to have in season two was Helen Sjöholm, but they didn’t manage to match their calendars. Thus was the idea of ​​implementing an artist meeting without TV cameras born, and at a few different locations in Sweden.

At first glance they may seem like an odd couple. Helen Sjöholm, multiple award-winning singer and actress, who’s done everything from musicals and folk music, the Swedish charts to Harry Martinsson. Tomas Andersson Wij, singer-songwriter, a former journalist, who with nine albums and extensive touring slowly has penetrated deeper and deeper into the consciousness of the Swedes, in the autumn a participant in Så mycket bättre. But Helen and Thomas have many of their musical and lyrical rootlets intertwined. When they were looking for covers for the summer concerts mutual favorites like Judee Sill and Olle Adolphson were mentioned.

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