December – Songs in the wintertime

Now we are on the train home from Värmland.
What a wonderful tour we had!
Thank you all who supported us, listened, travelled a short or long way, emailed, sent flowers, gifts and, not least, for all your incredibly nice words! We have a wonderful audience!
All warmth we take along into Christmas.
Wish you all a nice and merry christmas.
There is a lot to be desired before 2019!
Call in the friendlier hand.
The common love of good!
Ring merry bells over the snow!

We’ll meet again!
Hugs Helen & Anna

On December 6-19, 2018, Helen, along with her childhood friend Anna Stadling, went out on the roads with the Christmas tour “December – Songs in the wintertime”. 12 concerts were given, in 10 venues in our country. The audience was offered some of the most beautiful Christmas songs, but also some new versions of old favorites from Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Py Bäckman, Andreas Mattsson, Stefan Nilsson, Bob Dylan and others.

Together with Jesper Nordenström (keyboard) Roger Gustavsson (guitar) Pecka Hammarstedt (guitar, etc) and Andreas Unge (bass), Helen and Anna created space for the little and big, the timeless and new.

Watch photos from the tour!


181220 NWT – Glittering perfection with Sjöholm and Stadling

181219 Säffle-Tidningen – The most beautiful Christmas is for two voices

181215 Uppsala Nya Tidning – Music magic in the University Aula

181206 SR P4 – Helen Sjöholm and Anna Stadling have a tour premier in Örebro tonight

181204 Nerikes Allehanda – Childhood friends on stage


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