Hugh and Nancy’s many worlds

Hugh and Nancy's many worlds

Press photo: Dramaten

Small particles can be in two places at the same time. But what about us?

Helen and Vanna Rosenberg in the double role as housewife Nancy in Lars Rudolfsson’s newly written work, with music by Mats Gustafsson.
Nancy lives a lonely life as housewife in the 1970s United States. She cleans, bakes “Key Lime Pie” and nags on her teens.
Her husband Hugh is a mathematical genius. In his youth, he launched a revolutionary theory that our world is continually divided into new parallel worlds, like a tree where new branches grow continuously and develop in new forms. But the theory was before its time and was met with skepticism and silence. Instead, Hugh makes a career in the armed forces. It’s a time of swingers and belief in the future, barbecue parties and rearmament. But where is Nancy? Suddenly an unexpected guest walks out of the scrub. It´s herself. The parallel worlds meet.

Lars Rudolfsson, free after a book by Peter Byrne.

Premiere: March 2, 2019, Elverket!
(Open general rehearsal on March 1).

On stage
Inga-Lill Andersson, Peter Engman, Magnus Roosmann, Vanna Rosenberg, Jennie Silfverhjelm, Helen Sjöholm, Pierre Wilkner and others.

Lars Rudolfsson

Mats Gustafsson

Stage Costume
Kersti Vitali Rudolfsson

Set Design
Johan Engberg

Lighting Design
Linus Fellbom

Tickets are available for March 2 – April 2 2019, as well as for open general rehearsal on March 1, via Dramaten website

Price: 370 kr

Elverket is a separate scene, located at Linnégatan 69, which was used by Dramaten since 1997.


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