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“The performance is at its best in the scenes with Helen Sjöholm and Vanna Rosenberg as copies. Their family life has small significant differences, even though husband and children are the same”.
//Jens Peterson, Aftonbladet

“However, the big asset is the meeting between the two strong universes that are made up of Helen Sjöholm and Vanna Rosenberg in the double role as Nancy. It sparkles about both acting and singing.”
// Maina Arvas, Dagens Nyheter

190306 Helen & Vanna Rosenberg in Malou efter tio, TV4

190303 Dagens Nyheter – Helen Sjöholm and Vanna Rosenberg in sparkling double play at Dramaten

190303 Aftonbladet – Double up – by Vanna and Helen

190217 Helen & Vanna Rosenberg in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

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Photo & © Dramaten, Sören Vilks

Photo & © Dramaten, Sören Vilks

Message from Helen 190225
Last rehearsal week at Elverket before Saturday’s premiere of “Hugh and Nancy’s many worlds”.
It has been been an incredibly intense and exciting rehearsal period. I´m so happy and proud to be part of this awesome ensemble!
To be involved in creating something completely new, with creators of script and music in place all the time. Constantly moving, without fear of reconsideration, change. Creative meeting between feeling, words, tones, breaks and the things in all parallel worlds – Lars Rudolfsson has written a SO special script!
I hope many of you can find your way to Elverket, Linnegatan 69, during the spring 2019!
Helen Sjöholm

Repetition av Hugh och Nancys många världar

Vanna Rosenberg och Helen Sjöholm som två versioner av samma Nancy i musikalen Hugh och Nancys många världar. Premiär 2 mars!

Publicerat av Dramaten Måndag 25 februari 2019


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