With Child Again

Helen Sjöholm, Ensemble

Holy spirit
Will you show your face
Who on earth is worthy
Of your grace

Listen, please, Karl Oskar,
It’s been eight times
That I have been with child, remember
Every time I have survived it
That’s the way it will be, I know it
Nothing bad can ever happen
Nothing bad you can blame yourself for
Man and wife must be together
That is no shame, so don’t be frightened

Holy spirit
Do you care at all
For your suffering creatures
Great and small

Worse than I expected. I have never
seen him so distraught and so shaken
Won’t you give him help and comfort
Teach me how to appease his sorrow
Nothing I say seems to matter
He takes everything on his shoulders
I’ll do all I have the strength for
But, God, I feel so weak, so tired

© 2010 Mono Music AB