Russell Watson, Louise Pitre

I speak to you, Karl Oskar
As a friend who loves Kristina
Your child is lost, and more than that –

Karl Oskar
You frighten me, Ulrika

More than that, it’s up to you, dear friend,
If poor Kristina lives or dies

It’s just as well you’re frightened
Doctor says I’ve got to scare you
She’s torn apart inside
Not one more child she’ll ever bear you
If you want to save her
You must never ever lie with her again

Karl Oskar

Dear Kristina, my dear beloved
My dearest friend

I know you feel her pain
I’ve always known how much you love her
The years have brought her low
But left alone she will recover
Doctor says she has to rest
She cannot work as hard as she has done

Karl Oskar
They have warned me
No more of children
Or she will die!


You heed my words, Karl Oskar
Heavy words indeed I’ve spoken
You must protect her now
Her body racked, her spirit broken
You’re responsible, Karl Oskar
No more children now or she…

© 2010 Mono Music AB