Miracle Of God

Louise Pitre, Helen Sjöholm

I thought of you as a stranger
Always your nose in the air!
Passing me by as a creature beneath your care


I thought of you as a danger
I’ve seen how men turn and stare

Yet we were destined to see how
Full of surprise life can be, how
Rare, how odd
A miracle of God
Our phantoms have gone their way

You were such a shrew

No more than you

What’s past is past
This miracle will last.

You found the man that you prayed for
You’ll help him strive and succeed
Sharing our lives with another is all we need

You found the man you were made for
Now I will follow your lead
Now I will have someone to go to

What God has planted will grow, new …

… soil. New seed.
A miracle indeed
How night can be turned to day
Leave the night behind
Begone all fear
I, who was so blind
Now see so clear

So clear and pure
A miracle for sure
Now heaven shows us the way
You have let me see
The heart of you
From now and ever
We’ll greet each other
We’ll meet each other
As sisters do
How rare, how odd
A miracle of God

© 2010 Mono Music AB