Gold Can Turn To Sand

Kevin Odekirk, Helen Sjöholm, Claire Tendl

I went in search of buried treasure
A little man with lofty dreams
It was a bitter thing to learn
that I was such a fool
To each of us a fate is given
And I was born a restless soul
But now I’m reconciled to fate and
Death can’t hurt me any longer

Now you really frighten me
They don’t make sense, the words you say
Marta, sing for Uncle Robert
Sing what you learned in class today

Off to school with shining faces
There we learn our proper places
Teacher teaches, pupil listens
Learning how to read and write, we’re
Richer far than you can measure
Richer far than any treasure
All’s not gold that glistens


Why should I fight the Lord Almighty?
I’d be the loser in the end
No, I accept my lot
And death is almost like a friend

If death is near
Then let it take me
If death be here
So let it be
I am a hostage in this life
This land I dreamed would set me free

Please, you must understand
I’m telling the truth
My time runs out so fast

I just want you to know
I am resigned
At peace at last

Robert, I have to ask you! Why have you come back

When I left I was leaving with a brother
Him and me, all we had was one another
We were young, it was springtime
And our dreams of gold were grand
Oh, Kristina, gold can turn to sand

Down that long, blazing trail
I walked beside him
He grew weak, and he leaned on me to guide him
Though I doubted our future in that godforsaken land
Oh, Kristina, gold can turn to sand

Still he shared in my dream
No matter how mad
He believed in me
I was all that he had
And I was glad of his company
In the desert, beyond the burning prairie
We got lost, we were foolish and unwary
Just how thirsty and desperate
you would never understand
Oh, Kristina, gold can turn to sand

Still I willed him along
I taught him the Song of the Ocean Wave
He, who shared in my quest,
Now laid to rest
in a lonely grave

From a well that was poisoned he drank water
And he died where he fell – a beast to slaughter
As his eyes slowly faded
his old watch fell from his hand
Oh, Kristina, gold can turn to sand
Oh, Kristina, gold can turn to sand 

© 2010 Mono Music AB