Stone Kingdom

Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson

Karl Oskar 
For the past three years
I’ve been listening to the tune
Of my crowbar striking another stone
The bitter song of Korpamoen

This is my domain.
I’m the ruler of the land
Come behold my royal kingdom
And my subjects

Rock and rubble, grain and gravel,
stone and shingle

Turn Your Grace upon us, Lord
And protect our crops from ruin and decay
Give us bread this day
Grant us now our harvest
Through Christ Almighty,
our Lord King in Heaven. Amen

Wait … and listen to me, please…

Karl Oskar
What’s the matter, something wrong?

I keep thinking about us … the children going

Karl Oskar
I don’t think I understand.

Well, it’s just that … if we don’t … then there’ll
no new little mouth to feed.

Karl Oskar 
So you would want us to deny
The joy of love, the sweetest joys forsaking
Not to touch, or feel you, as years pass us by
And soon they go! Too soon they fly!

I feel your breathing peacefully
The two of us at rest when day is breaking
All my heart I give you an all my life through.
And where you go I go with you

© 2010 Mono Music AB