He’s Our Pilot

David Hess, Ensemble

Danjel & Congregation
He’s our pilot
He knows the way of the Lord
Pray that the Son of God will hear us
And take us on board

He’s our pilot
Jesus the saviour of souls
We are His crew and He will steer us
Through breakers and shoals

Hoist the sails!
By the breath of God our little ship is driven
Hoist the sails!
We’re going on a journey
to a distant shore
There all our sins will be forgiven
And we’ll sin no more

Hoist the sails!
Tie the knots and coil the ropes
the way he taught us
Hoist the sails!
And on the other shore we’ll kneel upon the sand
There we will worship Him who brought us
To our promised land.
Our Pilot
Soon all our troubles are through

Jesus will be our chart and compass

And we are His crew

© 2010 Mono Music AB