Twilight Images Calling

Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson

Voices whisper behind me
They remind me
Every night
Of another existence
Far in the distance
It comes in sight

I can see them clear
My folks at the crossroads waving
Losing a child forever
I see them cry

It’s as if they’re here
My people of time gone by
They come to me when night is falling
Twilight images calling

Karl Oskar
You’ve been looking all abandoned
And so desolate lately
And it breaks my heart to see it
But I think I know why

I was only just remembering

Karl Oskar
It’s our memories blind us
What you long for lies behind us
In a time long gone by
You know why we came
Let us never forget

Don’t you ever dream?
Do you feel no regret …

Karl Oskar & Kristina

… for the past and for the old folks

Karl Oskar

It’s a child I remember
How she held on to her papa
How he had to let go

One day they will thank us
Our children and their children
Because we crossed an ocean

I know they will …

Karl Oskar

I have an idea
And I think it’s one that will cheer you up
I’m going to write to your father back home
I will ask him to send us an apple seed
Apples from home – from the old Summer Rose
Growing here in your garden!

Never will my children
Lie in the green grass where I lay

Never gaze at the same sky
Watching the clouds fly
A summer’s day

They will never hear
The sounds of my April evenings
Sounds of the long day dying
When day is done

They will never know
This longing at set of sun
That comes to me when night is falling
Twilight images calling

© 2010 Mono Music AB