Together against cancer

Helen participated in the important gala Together against cancer which was broadcast live from the Blue Hall in Stockholm City Hall on January 11 on TV4. Hosts were Tilde de Paula Eby and Kristina Petrushina, better known as Keyyo. Due to the prevailing pandemic, the gala was held without an audience.

In addition to Helen, there were live performances by:

Benjamin Ingrosso
Tove Strength
The Ark

More profiles appeared during the evening to ask viewers’ questions about cancer to scientists and make a historical review of the progress since the Cancer Foundation was founded 70 years ago. We also got to hear gripping stories, hopeful results and inspiring examples of how we can contribute to fighting cancer.

Helen about the gala evening: ”An euphoric evening”

Helen sings “Euforia”

Photo: TV4 / Magnus Ragnvind

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