En Ny Tid

New album

During 25 years of success on stage and record, as well as on TV and radio, Helen has never made a solo album with newly written material. Until now. The album En ny tid (A New Time) was released on September 25:

It has really been an adventure, she says.

– Sometimes you dream of doing something and when you finally get it, it doesn´t work, because it doesn´t feel organic. It has become a balancing act: to try to capture my breadth without it becoming too scattered and at the same time make a record that feels represents the time I live in. Not all songs have to be about me, but I have to have a relationship with them. The songwriters whose material has come along, have shown a great sensitivity to that.

Andreas Dahlbäck’s production is earthy and sparkling, sometimes at the same time. Obvious artist references shine with their absence – Helen’s own imprint is so clear. In terms of sound, it´s possible to associate with singer-songwriters, whether they were active in California in the 70s or are in Stockholm today, and roots in the Swedish song. En Ny Tid is a very personal album that contains specially written and hand-picked material. Paulina Palmgren and Jonatan Järpehag have contributed the most songs. Among other songwriters are Anna Ternheim and Andreas Mattsson. A lyrics is based on a chronicle (!) by Linda Skugge. Throughout the process, Helen has thought, felt, and thinned.

– An album is an imprint of time and right now it´s these songs that I am! Helen summarizes.

So close your eyes with her. And dream of something important.

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