Tills solen går upp

Peter Dalle presents his new star-studded feature film – Tills solen går upp (Until the sun goes up).
A classic, adult love story.

In the lead roles we´ll see Helen, Mikael Persbrandt, Vanna Rosenberg and Peter Dalle.
Other roles include Jennie Silfverhjelm, Björn Gustafsson, Filip Berg, Rachel Mohlin, Per Andersson and Anneli Martini.

The plot: Mikael Persbrandt’s character, a stockbroker, encounters her ex-girlfriend, played by Vanna Rosenberg – and excitement arises. At the same time, he gets an old book in Christmas gift from his wife (Helen), which deals with how to magically control your dreams. Persbrandt’s character begins to meet Rosenberg’s character in the dreams – but ultimately the fantasy meetings also affect reality.

The film is directed by Peter Dalle, who also wrote the screenplay, and is produced by Patrick Ryborn, Unlimited Stories.

Tills solen går upp, planned film premiere across the country Christmas 2020.

The film is co-produced by SVT AB, Nordsvensk Film Entertainment AB, Film i Väst, Nordic Film with support from SFI. Nordic Film is responsible for distribution.

Media (Swedish)

200610 SR Kulturnytt in P1 – Persbrandt, Dalle and Sjöholm in this year’s Christmas movie at the cinema

200610 Press release

The lead actors in Tills solen går upp (Until the sun goes up)

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