Så mycket bättre (So much better)

Helen one of 14 artists in Så mycket bättre (So much better) 2020!

In June, the TV recording of this year’s round of Så mycket bättre (So much better) started, traditionally with the guest house Grå Gåsen on Gotland as a base. Following 14 artists were ready to celebrate the summer’s recording with new interpretations, unforgettable meetings and beloved reunions:

  • Helen Sjöholm
  • Ana Diaz
  • Benjamin Ingrosso
  • Jakob Hellman
  • Lili & Susie
  • Lisa Nilsson
  • Loreen
  • Markus Krunegård
  • Newkid
  • Plura Jonsson
  • Silvana Imam
  • Tommy Körberg
  • Tove Styrke

The program, produced by Mastiff, will be broadcast on TV4 and TV4 Play in the fall of 2020.

– Soon I´ll go to Gotland, to participate in Så mycket bättre (So much better), which feels incredibly fun and exciting. I´m not a songwriter, but I´m looking forward to hear other interpretive songs that I’ve done over the years and not least to make my own interpretations of other people’s songs, Helen said in a video on TV4’s Facebook page in June:

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1 thought on “Så mycket bättre (So much better)”

  1. I am a fan from the USA I can not understand Swedish (although I wish i could) love swedish dance bands. can you please put English translation for her newest song from the show this week. Loved Loved Loved it.
    Always watch BAO when I know she will be there.
    Thank You

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