En Ny Tid (A New Time)

Helen is recording a solo album

The new single En Ny Tid (A New Time) is the first taste of Helen’s upcoming album – her first solo album with newly written original materials.

The song is written by Paulina Palmgren and is dynamic with an acoustic airiness and Helen’s heartfelt vocals in focus. The lyrics contains warm nostalgia, but is also an offshoot into the future.
Musicians are Ola Gustavsson, Jerker Odelholm, Julia Stjernlöf and Klas Jervfors Turner.

Another single; Jag är elden (I´m the Fire), was released on August 21. 

This is Helen’s first solo album with completely new material. Why did it take so long?

– I´m basically a live artist and the studio has not been my natural home, she laughs. I´m passionate about and have always loved the theater: to sing from a story that is clear, or from a character. I´ve also ended up in so many exciting contexts that the search for my own material has had to wait.

Perhaps she has also over-dramatized the importance of a solo album.

– I´ve felt that it has to formulate “who I am”. That is true to a certain extent, but a record is also an imprint in time and right now it is these songs that I am. Lately I’ve been longing to make an album in my own name!

Several songwriters have contributed material, whereupon Helen thought, felt, and thinned. The most intimate collaboration has been with Paulina Palmgren and Jonatan Järpehag, who have contributed the most songs. Among other songwriters are Anna Ternheim and Andreas Mattsson.

The album is produced by Andreas Dahlbäck and Jonatan Järpehag and will be released on September 25.

En ny tid

Jag är elden

3 thoughts on “En Ny Tid (A New Time)”

  1. A great song, the production is excellent making the best of Helens fantastic voice and story telling. Can we have the lyrics? My Swedish is not quite good enough to understand everything. A very Happy Birthday to Helen for Friday, I hope she has a lovely day with friends and family in these strange times. Love to you all from across the North Sea

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