KaranTon Live

Stars illuminate those who bring us light and make it sound!

Throughout the years, technicians in the sound and light industry have ensured that all light has fallen on Sweden’s artist elite. Because of the pandemic, everything has collapsed and missions have disappeared.

Saturday, May 16, Helen participated as KaranTon took place at the Vasateatern stage in Stockholm with a total of 15 artists for a support concert for the sound and lighting industry.

The concert was broadcasted live on Facebook.

Katrin Sundberg was the initiator of the support concert and on stage, besides Helen, Per Andersson, Rennie Mirro, Anna Järvinen, Anna Stadling, Cecilia Frode, Sussie Eriksson, Gunilla Backman, Charlott Strandberg, Joachim Bergström, Daniel Sjöberg, Christoffer Skoug, Ebba Irestad and Izabella Tancredi.

Presented by: Primetec and Next Line Productions

During the evening you was able to join and support technologies in the lighting and sound industry by Swish or the Theater Association’s bank giro account.

Proceeds from the evening was going to the Theater Association’s Support Fund – to support the freelancing members in the stage technology branch who are now completely without income.

Theater Association (Swedish)

Listen to Helen & Anna Stadling in När allt det här är över (When This Is All Over)

Watch the entire concert

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