Video greetings in corona times

Love in the stream

Love isn´t easy.
When you can’t meet.
In front of a computer somewhere in Sweden…

It´s love at a distance that applies in corona times. Listen to a languishing ballad between a love couple that isn´t allowed to meet.
– I`m proud and flattered that my lovely friend, as well as Sweden’s best singer, participates in this, Jacke Sjödin says.

Soup, song and company

Helen is about to lose her mind in her quarantine, but her voice is in the same world class as ever before. There was a greeting, a cry for help, a gift to Stockholm Culture House and City Theater’s live broadcast of Soup, song and company, musical special, section 5.

Music from: “Chess på svenska”
Music & lyrics: Benny Andersson / Björn Ulvaeus

Listen to the entire broadcast here!

1 thought on “Video greetings in corona times”

  1. Yep. Here in South Africa too. At least I started teaching again, but missing the interaction with the kids. At least Helen Sjöholm’s music often keeps me company. Thank you!

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