Next to Normal

On February 29, 2020, Next to Normal premiered at Uppsala City Theater. Helen played the role of mother Diana.

However, due to the spread of covid-19, most of the spring performances were canceled.

»Diana, Goodman. Bipolar depressive with delusions. Medicated for sixteen years. Follow-up after one week.«

The Goodman family tries to parry when Mom Diana commutes between boundless despair, low-key sadness and moments of happiness. Her escape from reality is compensated by desperate attempts at family happiness. The condition is getting worse, and the family is increasingly dysfunctional and co-dependent.

In Next to Normal we followed the family’s struggle with the mother’s mental illness, a strong and touching story with music that hits the heart.

The acclaimed Broadway musical premiered in New York in 2008 and was awarded three Tony Awards as well as the prestigious Pulitzer Prize.

By: Brian Yorkey
Music: Tom Kitt
Translation: Calle Norlén
Directed by: Ronny Danielsson
Scenography & Costume: Julia Przedmojska
Musical Director: Joakim Hallin
Choreography: Roger Lybeck
Light: Jonas Nyström
Mask: Agnes Krasse

Starring: Helen Sjöholm (mother), Daniel Engman (physician), James Lund (boyfriend),
Rolf Lydahl (father), Stina Nordberg (daughter), Martin Redhe Nord (son) and Orchestra.

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Next to Normal in media

Photo & © Uppsala City Theater, Markus Gårder

Photo & © Uppsala City Theater, Markus Gårder


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