“En Stilla Jul” with Anders Ekborg

En Stilla Jul 2019

Helen will be a guest soloist at Anders Ekborg’s Christmas tour “En Stilla Jul”

Finally we get the opportunity to see the successful couple “Kristina and Karl Oskar from Duvemåla” on stage again, for the first time since they did Chess together!

Bengt Magnusson, guitar, Stefan Nilsson, piano, Thomas Bergquist, keyboard, Elias Gammelgård, violin, Atida Stahlhammer, cello.

Tour schedule

15/12 Oscar Theater, Stockholm
16/12 Oscar Theater, Stockholm
19/12 Concert Hall, Jönköping
20/12 Oscar Theater, Stockholm
21/12 Oscar Theater, Stockholm

Tickets are avaiable on Showtic.se

(Please note that Helen doesn´t attend the concert at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg, which can also be booked via the link above!)


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