BAO on tour

After three years it was time for Benny Andersson’s Orchestra, together with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg, to get out on the Swedish roads again. During 8 evenings in 2019 the audience was invited to dance at scenic venues. 

BAO Tournament Plan 2019
July 25 – Gothenburg, Horticultural Society
July 26 – Helsingborg, Sofiero
July 27 – Kalmar, Skälby Farm
July 28 – Linköping, Berg’s sluices
July 31 – Leksand, Sammilsdalsgropen
August 1 – Eskilstuna, Sundbyholm Castle
August 2 – Stockholm, Skansen
August 3 – Trosa, Tullgarn Castle

190814 The New York Times – A Bus Journey to a Time Before Abba

190729 Aftonbladet – From folk music to rock ‘n’ roll

190726 Aftonbladet – Nice year with Benny Andersson’s Orchestra

190725 Dagens Nyheter – “It will probably be a little Abba, but only the obscure songs”

190721 Österbottens Tidning –  BAO on the roads again, after three years of residence

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One thought on “BAO on tour

  1. Alain

    BAO concert on Friday at Skansen was fantastic! Words can hardly describe seeing and hearing Helen…but here goes! A wonderful , beautiful lady with a wonderful and beautiful voice! Brilliant chemistry with the legendary Tommy and the rest of the Orchestra.No wonder the Swedes are amongst the happiest people in the world; they have Benny, Tommy, Kalle and of course Helen! Great to hear her sing Story of a Heart in English, no one sings it like Helen.

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