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baoontour-2019-kalenderBenny Andersson’s Orchestra on the roads again!

After just over two years’ time, it´s time for Benny Andersson’s Orchestra, together with Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg, to get out on the Swedish roads again. During 8 evenings the audience is invited to dance at scenic venues, and as loyal ensign for the amusement park concept, BAO is making a success with both the dance-happy BAO audience and holiday guests who like to listen to a concert in the green, with a picnic basket near at hand.

The first album was released in 2001 and has been followed by another 7 studio albums. The list is long and hits like Vår Sista Dans, Du Är Min Man and Fait Accompli, have become modern classics!

In the summer of 2016, shortly before BAO’s latest summer tour, it was time for the orchestra’s latest disc Mitt hjärta klappar för dig, including the streaming hit En natt i köpenhamn. The Music as usual written by Benny Andersson, and for the lyrics Björn Ulvaeus, with special performance from Frida Hyvönen.

In addition to the conductor Benny Andersson (accordion, piano), BAO consists of Kalle Moraeus, Leif Göras, Olle Moraeus and Perra Moraeus (violin, which together constitute the reputed folk group Orsa Musicians), Göran Arnberg, pump organ, Janne Bengtson, flute, Per Grebacken, saxophone & clarinet, Jogga Ernlund, contrabass, Calle Jakobsson, tuba, Leif Lindvall, trumpet, Lars Rudolfsson, accordion, Jörgen Stenberg, drums & percussion, as well as Helen Sjöholm and Tommy Körberg, song.

BAO Tournament Plan 2019
July 25 – Gothenburg, Horticultural Society
July 26 – Helsingborg, Sofiero
July 27 – Kalmar, Skälby Farm
July 28 – Linköping, Berg’s sluices
July 31 – Leksand, Sammilsdalsgropen
August 1 – Eskilstuna, Sundbyholm Castle
August 2 – Stockholm, Skansen
August 3 – Trosa, Tullgarn Castle

Concert start: 07.00 pm (Linköping 06.00 pm)

Ticket information
Tickets are available at and by phone number 0771-130 150.
Note: Beware of unfaithful second-hand vendors – contact the organizer if you’re not sure.

Adult (18 years old) 600 SEK
Youth (13 – 18 years) 300 SEK
Children under 13 years for free

Food and drinks
It´s good to bring your own picnic basket containing both food and drink. The concert area will also offer a range of food, drinks, coffee, etc.
Note: Glass bottles and cans may not be brought into the area. Pointy / sharp objects are forbidden and only plastic cutlery are allowed in the picnic basket.

Wheelchair-accessible guests book a special wheelchair ticket.

Other information
The domestic animals feel better at home because of the volume.
Umbrellas may not be used in the area as they obscure visibility and are pointed objects.
Cameras and recording equipment may not be included in the area.

Görel Hanser, Mono Music,, 08-555 19 608


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