Norrköping Symphonics & Friends

SON 171028
A show with extra Everything!

A warm welcome to a concert at Louise De Geer with Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Helen Sjöholm, Jacke Sjödin and Andreas Nilsson. Conductor is Hans Ek.

This is a concert / performance that has to be experienced, a description doesn´t do it justice; Jacke’s limitlessly clever lyrics and rhymes, Andreas’ unbeatable voice twists and Helen’s singing and of course Norrköping Symphonics!

This will be outstanding!

Time: Saturday, October 28, at 15:00 – 17:00 (local time)

Location: Louise De Geer, Dalsgatan 15, Norrköping

Tickets: Ticketmaster
Price: 150-425 SEK


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