Trees and Love

The children are not responsible for the climate changes. But they get to deal with the consequences. Heavy downfalls, drought and hunger cause deaths among children, hamper their development and prevent them from having a good life.

On September 12, 2017, The Vi-forest presented “Trees and Love – a hopeful concert for the climate”.

The ambassadors Helen Sjöholm & Babben Larsson, together with guests, made every effort to raise money for the Vi forest. The aim of the collection was to educate at least 50,000 schoolchildren in East Africa to address the fight against climate change.

The concert took place at Göta Lejon in Stockholm and was broadcasted live in cinemas around the country, through Folkets Hus and Parks.


Babben Larsson, constantly up to date as comedian and television program host.
Helen Sjöholm, one of Sweden’s most appreciated singers who, among other things, had a record at the Swedish charts with “Du är min man”.
Solala, the a capella group who toured Sweden this spring for sold out houses with willful covers on famous songs.
Malena Ernman, opera singer and environmentalist who competed for Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest.
Peter Jöback, one of Sweden’s greatest musical stars performing for sold-out houses, including London and New York.

Helen tells about being a Vi-forest ambassador

Vi-forest website

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