New single – ”Sankta Klara klocka”

Sankta Klara klocka

Press Release 2017-06-02 from Roxy Recordings

Today the single “Sankta Klara klocka” is released with Helen Sjöholm and Malena Ernman. The song is written by Fredrik Kempe and Mauro Scocco.

– That Fredrik Kempe wanted to write a duet especially for my and Malena’s voices was exciting, both the song and Mauro Scocco’s lyrics went straight into the heart when we first tried it. And so easy and pleasurable to sing with Malena! says Helen Sjöholm.

– Sankta Klara is the church in the middle of Stockholm which is open to society’s most vulnerable people. Addicts, homeless, refugees or people suffering from mental illness. The church in Stockholm City is a symbol of humanism – just like the Saint Klara who, along with Francis of Assisi, founded the movement that the pope today gets his inspiration from when highlighting humanity, solidarity and climate struggle as the world’s most important issues. So the title, the song and the lyrics feel really perfect. It´s very close to Helen and me, Malena Ernman says.

Malena and Helen are this summer performing three concerts at Dalhalla in July.

Sankta Klara klocka is available on Spotify and other streaming and download services.


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