Academic ceremony in Sundsvall on October 12, 2012


Photo: Kristina Djerf


Faculty board at the Faculty for Human sciences

Motivation for the decision to confer honorary doctorates 2012

The faculty board has decided to appoint Helen Sjöholm and Kim Anderzon honorary doctorates at the Faculty for Human sciences at Mid University.

Marie Helen Sjöholm Granditsky, born in Sundsvall in 1970 and residing in Nacka, is one of the most prominent artists in Sweden. She is appointed honorary doctorate at Mid University for her work in the cultural field. Her career is long – since 25 years she is an established singer and actress – and versatile. Musically she moves between ballads, jazz and hymns, between hit songs, folk music and dance music. On stage she makes use of her dramatical and comical talents when acting in slapstick, musical, musical theater, or on the big screen. She collaborates with many of this land’s finest musicians, and composers write material directly for her.

Helen Sjöholm’s national and international range has a given regional anchorage. For her there is no distance between a local studio in Sundsvall, a charity concert in Härnösand and the big stages in Stockholm, London or New York. Throughout the years she has been rewarded many awards for her work in the region and in the land at large.

Responsiveness and stature is something that characterize Helen Sjöholm as an artist. She manages to capture the soul in each kind of music and every dramatical genre. Personal integrity in combination with a complete and incorruptible presence makes her constantly affecting.

In a different way than science art can explore what it means to be human. Helen Sjöholm’s interpretations of works of art constantly make imprints in our time. It is with joy and pride that we today appoint Helen honorary doctor at Mid University.

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