Wildcat Money

Russell Watson, Ensemble

Wildcat Money!
Wildcat Money!

Karl Oskar
Do you have no shame?
Dare you look me in the eyes?
All this gold you own
As I should have known
Another of your god-damn lies!

This is children’s pay –
Wouldn’t buy a blade of grass
These are empty things
That my brother brings
This wouldn’t do to wipe my ass

I don’t understand …

Wilcat money

Karl Oskar
Worthless! Printed by a private bank – a
bankrupt bank!

Wildcat money

No! No, wildcat money is good money!

Wildcat money


I swear to you, they said – !

Wildcat money

Free, you are free
Not a slave, not like me
Choosing your way
As you please
At your ease
Your own master

Soon you will rise
To the crest of a wave
To be one with the sea everlasting
On giant shoulders you’ll carry sailors
In tall white galleons
To far horizons
You are going where I long to be
Take me there, little stream
To the sea

© 2010 Mono Music AB


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