Louise Pitre

You who so despise me
Mock me and chastise me
You who call me harlot and whore
You make me strong again

Righteous congregation
Pillars of the nation
I am in your debt evermore
Your scorn is my salvation

Here, they laugh, they point, they turn away
Here, I die by inches every day
Dying of sermons, dying of judgements
Guilty as charged. Let justice be done

Never shall my girl oblige a pleasure seeker
Not like me, the one they call Ulrika
Ulrika, “The Happy One”

Men came in the darkness
Scratching at my window
Men I know by sight – and by name
They bought their share of me

Councillors and churchmen
How they came a-wooing
Stealing home in silence and shame
Their shame is my renewing

Here I find my path, I see my aim
Here my steel is tested in the flame
I swear I’ll take you
Far from their laughter
Now and hereafter
I’ll see it done

Never shall they scorn you
as they’ve scorned your mother
You will know your joys like any other
As God is my witness
Never – Never
So swears Ulrika – “The Happy One”

© 2010 Mono Music AB