In The Dead Of Darkness

Russell Watson

Karl Oskar 
In the Dead of Darkness
Life will fade behind me
Once I’ve crossed that threshold
Demons will find me

In the deepest cavern
Huddled in a corner
Above me a dripstone is dripping
And drip-drip my sanity’s slipping

In the Dead of Darkness
There is nowhere to turn
Please, please, don’t leave me

Men like me imagine
No-one’s standing taller
In the Dead of Darkness
No-one is smaller

She wants to forgive me
I who made her suffer
I crushed all resistance
Compulsive and driven
Can I be forgiven?

In the Dead of Darkness
Let the stubborn man burn
Please, please don’t leave me

You love me, you told me
Come back then, come, hold me
I’m lost here without you, Kristina!

In the Dead of Darkness, dear God
Let there be light
Bring her to the light
Bring her through the night

They see America!

© 2010 Mono Music AB