Helen Sjöholm, Claire Tendl, Madeleine Rose Yen, Josh Caggiano, Ensemble

Mama, I wanna go home. Aren’t we home soon?

One day when we were on the ocean
Another ship came sailing by
The Swedish colours fluttered from her stern
The people on the deck
I could see their faces
We sailed in opposite directions
They waved and I felt so alone
How strange, when I was leaving all behind me
There were others like me going home

Kristina’s children
Oh Mama, Mama, where is home?

All that I know
Is that there was a place called ‘home’
Not long ago

A place where all is peace and quiet
When we have gone to bed at night
I want to make a home for all of us
Away from crushing crowds
This we owe our children

( To Johan ) 
They say that once we’ve crossed the grassland
Where bears and prairie creatures roam
The land is rich, we’ll find a place to live
That you will learn to love and call your home

Oh Mama, Mama, where is home?

What can I say?

Kristina & children
Somewhere where people dance and sing
Midsummer Day

Ours is a road that leads away
Never returning

Oh Mama, Mama, where is home?

Kristina (To Johan) 
I thought I knew
Now we must look for
Answers to your question
For I long for home as much as you

© 2010 Mono Music AB