Here I Am Again

Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson

Look around you
Spring this year has come so early
Cherry tree and sugar maple,
Buds are sprouting
Sap is flowing

Karl Oskar
Yes, Kristina
And it’s been a long, dark winter

Nature wakes up from her sleep
Everything must start afresh
In the still of night
I have heard you sighing
I also have been lonely
Here I am again

How the cold wind blows
How the distance grows
When we are apart

Kristina & Karl Oskar
Yes the cold wind blows
And the distance grows
When we are apart

Karl Oskar
I stretch my arms out in the dark
Imag’ning you’re still there beside me
Knowing, too, it must not be

Kristina & Karl Oskar
Whatever happens we
still have each other
Together we will always
find a way

Nothing must ever come between us

Karl Oskar
You know what the doctor said

Doctors can be wrong as well
That happens
I’m here for you again

Karl Oskar
Doctors must be trusted

Trust in me today

Karl Oskar
I just can’t believe it

Trust the words I say

Karl Oskar
They have warned me
”No more children or she’ll perish”

God has seen me through before
He will see me through once more

Karl Oskar
Torn apart inside
So Ulrika told me

Kristina & Karl Oskar
How the cold wind blows
How the distance grows
When we are apart

It is God’s wish
And I know it for certain
That we must be together
Who is to say what may happen tomorrow
He does to us what He will

Karl Oskar
Won’t you listen to reason
Please, let go of me now

So you would want us to deny
The joy of love, the sweetest joy forsaking
Not to touch, or feel you, as years pass us by
How soon they pass! How soon they fly!

My heart, my body and my soul
They crave you each and
every breath I’m taking
Come what storms, my promise
will always stay true
That were you go
I go with you

© 2010 Mono Music AB


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