Down To The Sea

Kevin Odekirk

We must not complain
We who crawl upon the land
Though I sleep un dung
I must hold my tongue
Who cares about a farmer’s hand?

I must know my place
Or be beaten for my pains
Shut my mouth and just be grateful
Answer never!
Yet this little stream can go its way in freedom
Run away from here forever.
Down to the sea
Hurry down to the sea
Stopping for none
How you run
Little stream
Faster and faster

Free, you are free
Not a slave, not like me
Choosing your way
As you please
At your ease
Your own master

Soon you will ride
On the crest of a wave
To be one with the sea everlasting
On giant shoulders you’ll carry sailors
In tall white galleons
To far horizons

Your are going where I long to be
Take me there
Little stream
To the sea

© 2010 Mono Music AB